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UMU Runashitu Cultural Interpretation Center

About us.

  1. The UMU Cultural Interpretation Center, RUNASHITU, is located in the parish of Chontapunta, 70 km. from the city of Tena.

UMU is located in the midst of the forest, with two beautiful lakes surrounded by the magic, mystery and tranquility of the natural world. 

The inhabitants of the area carry with them a rich ancestral culture based on thousands of years of living in harmony with the forest.

Share our Kichwa culture—rituals of our yachak, dance, music, traditional food including the preparation of chicha. Harvest the products of the chakra. Pan for gold in our beautiful streams. Walk through the forest and observe the wildlife. Tour the lakes in a canoe. Live with our families. Learn our native language or just enjoy a magical place to camp.

All of this and more comprises UMU, a venture created and run by the men and women of the Runashitu Community.

Come and experience the wonder of our forest and culture.


UMU Runashitu Cultural Interpretation Center

An incredible place in the Ecuadorian jungle.

For us, the kichua people, all living entities --animals and plants-- have a force or spirit, amu. The amu care for and maintain the forest. Amu must always be treated with respect. Before you partake of nature’s bounty you must always ask permission and you should never take more than you need.
The ultimate ruler of the forest is Uchutican, who lives in the virgin forest. The virgin forest is treated with deep respect for it is the origin of all amu. Uchutican is also feared. When Uchutican is disturbed by unknown people, or those who do not respect the forest, he will darken the sky and produce lightening, thunder and rain. Or he will express his displeasure by making noise or throwing rocks in the water. If anyone damages the forest, Uchutican will leave, carrying all the animals with him and depriving the people not only of their main source of sustenance, but also of their knowledge of the natural world.
These are only a few of our traditional stories. These beliefs have served us well throughout the centuries, providing a framework for living in harmony with the forest.
But unfortunately, with the increasing dominance of western culture, our youth our moving away from our traditions. One of the main goals of UMU is not only to promote intercultural interaction, but to also inspire our youth to respect, value and learn about our rich cultural heritage.

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UMU Runashitu

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Tourist places in Napo, Tena, Archidona, Misahuallí - UMU Runashitu Cultural Interpretation Center
Tourist places in Napo, Tena, Archidona, Misahuallí - UMU Runashitu Cultural Interpretation Center
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UMU Runashitu

Enjoy the ancestral taste that the kichua culture hides.

tilapia maito, cachama maito, chontacuros, cassava chicha and more.

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Runashitu - Chontapunta Tena - Napo

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UMU Runashitu

Ancestral techniques for making tools for daily use, such as hunting and fishing tools, have been a well kept secret of the kichua.

Come and discover with us these technologies.

UMU Runashitu Cultural Interpretation Center

UMU Runashitu

We welcome you to experience an unforgettable experience in the Amazon.

Come and enjoy with us.


UMU Runashitu

Women from the community harvest traditional crops and profit from them for daily consumption and trade.

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